7-Day Adventure Sleepaway

7-Day Adventure Sleepaway

The 7-Day Adventure Sleepaway is packed with activities from dawn 'till dusk. Campers will get to choose from a variety of activities each day on the ranch. Given they will be at camp for the entire week, we emphasize skill building, bonding, teamwork and leadership during our 7-day programs. The sleepaway camp is located at 8K Ranch in the high rockies. There are farm animals and wild animals. There is dirt, tractors, and mountainous terrain. Our sleepaway camp caters to the adventurous camper. Although we have some fields to play ball sports, we are not your typical east coast-style manicured lawn sleepaway camp. We are in the high rockies and work hard to keep our culture that of a mountain experience.

We want you to help build the sleepaway camp the way you like it, so if there are ranch projects you want to tackle, let us know your plans and we will help you execute on the vision. Projects in the past have been a giant 8 foot tall egg slingshot. We have had drawbridges, water projects, and even chicken cities built. Camp is about exploration and pure fun. We want campers to learn what they enjoy the most. If they are daredevils and want to spend much of their week on the quarter-mile long zipline and aqua-zorb course, great! If they prefer to learn how to care for farmyard animals, do some arts and crafts, and conquer the pump track on BMX bikes, fantastic! Or maybe the camper's passion is to play team games like paintball, capture-the-flag egg-toss, and go paddleboarding and fishing. The beauty of the 7-day sleepaway adventure is every camper gets a full week to choose their activities so they can do them all or just focus on their passions. By giving campers the choice every day, we allow each to truly craft their own adventure.

Please view the 7-Day Adventure Sleepaway Camp schedule to see how the week is structure.

A typical day

The wake up bell is at 7:00 AM. Campers make their beds, get dressed, and prepare for a full day of fun. By 7:30 campers join the pre-breakfast camp circle for the morning camp traditions: raising the camp flag, signing the morning song, and playing the ``get warm`` activity of the morning. Campers then dig into a hearty breakfast to fuel their morning. After breakfast campers participate in their farm-hand activity of the morning ranging from feeding the chickens, to letting out the ducklings or slopping the pig. After the farm-hand jobs are done, the camp will re-group at the main meeting area and announce the morning activity options. Once the announcements are complete, the campers can choose whichever option they would like to partake in for the morning activity period. For example, if a camper chooses Zip-lining, that camper will join the zip-lining group all morning before returning to the basecamp area for lunch time. Prior to lunch time, there are a few camp traditions before hitting the lunch buffet. After lunch, there will be a chill/rest time in which campers go back up to their bunks and re-energize for the rest of the day. After the chill time, the activity staff announces the activities for the afternoon. If, for example, a camper chooses fishing, the camper will go with the fishing group fro the rest of the afternoon before returning to the base camp area prior to dinner. Before dinner campers will have a chance to clean up, change clothes, and spend a few minutes in the hammock villages. Before dinner, there are a few more camp traditions and then a nice open air dinner buffet. After dinner there will be more localized games led by counselors such as horseshoes, croquet, crafts, etc before the nightly campfire and s'more time. After s'mores and some campfire songs, it is time to get ready for bed and get a good night sleep in the cool rocky mountain air in order to have tons of energy for the next day!


We will provide transportation for all campers from the Aspen Middle School up to 8K Ranch: the home of Ajax Sleepaway (It is about a 1 hr 15 minute shuttle trip for us up Fryingpan Road past Reudi Reservoir). Drop-off is on the Sunday of each 7-Day session at 1:30 PM. We will check your campers in, make sure all the proper forms are filled out and then head into the mountains. The sleepaway crew returns back to the basecamp at the Aspen Middle School for pickup by around 11:30 AM on Saturday at the end of the 7-day session. Due to strict forest service regulations on limiting traffic in our pristine location, the state and county government officials will not allow us to let parents drive their campers to 8K Ranch for drop-off and pickup. We wish you could (it would make transport much easier), but we will send plenty of photos throughout the week so you can get a window into the life at camp!