Refund Policy

Refund Policy


Your deposit is fully refundable minus a $100 processing fee if requested in writing by May 1st of the camp year. Since we hire staff and purchase equipment and supplies based upon our enrollment numbers generated throughout the winter and spring, any cancellations after May 1st will not be given a refund. We want to work with you to accommodate requests, so for any cancellations after May 1st we are happy to give you a credit to apply to following summer (credits cannot be exchanged for cash and will become void after the summer the following summer from your purchase). Furthermore, please see our refund policy regarding the full payment. We reserve the right to grant exceptions to the stated policy in situations including, but not limited to, illness and death in the immediate family. Changes in travel plans, delayed or cancelled flights, or other such reasons for not attending camp will not qualify for a refund.

All refund requests must be made in writing and either emailed to or mailed to Ajax Adventure Camp, PO BOX 9392, Aspen CO 81611

Full Payment

The remainder of your payment is due by June 1st.

There are no refunds for campers expelled for inappropriate behavior. Inappropriate behavior includes bringing any weapon to camp, fighting, use of illegal drugs or alcohol, smoking, illegal use of fire, vandalism, stealing, repeatedly displaying an uncooperative attitude or disrespect for others, and any other action that in the directors’ opinion threatens the health, safety, or well-being of any person or animal, or the smooth operation of the Camp.


Satisfaction guarantee:  If for any reason you feel we did not perform up to expectations, we never want to charge anyone for an experience in which we did not live up to our reputation and promise of quality.  If there is a situation such as this, please let us know immediately and we will evaluate the situation on a case by case basis.  If the situation warrants action on our part, we will provide some portion of credit for the next summer with the promise to exceed expectations in the future.